Most history books taught at the primary and high-school level in the United States name only 8 women for every 100 men. Other countries display similar numbers. Our database will record stories of amazing women of the past and present who have not gotten their share in history.

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The GMMP's latest five-year study of women's representation in media found that females still made up less than a quarter of the people "heard, read about or seen in newspaper, television and radio news.” Furthermore, only 26% of stories in online mediums featured women as subjects.

By crowdsourcing content from around the world, we are able to share stories that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.

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Research has shown that when we invest in a future for women, all of humanity benefits. Reconesse seeks to offer women from around the world a vast network of opportunities.

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Stories of Amazing Women of the Past and Present

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Reconesse is an open source platform about and for women who change history.

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